Interactive Multi-model Explorer

  • US GFS: Init. + 5 h
  • ECMWF HRES 24hourly: Init. + (6-7) h
  • ECMWF HRES 6hourly: Init. + 8 h
  • CA GDPS: Init. + (4-5) h
  • DE ICON: Init. + (3-4) h
  • JP GSM: Init. + (3.5-5.5) h
  • FR ARGEPE: Init. + (4-5) h


Pan and zoom freely using Ctrl+wheel, drag, and multitouch. Control panels are below the main chart.

Configure variable buttons

-24h -12h -6h +6h +12h +24h
Shading: Contour/Wdir:
Shading: Contour/Wdir: Label:
Contours: Political borders: Detailed config tools:

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A modified version of gifenc is used to generate animated GIF.